New Partnership to Bring in Funds

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Taylor County is one of several non-profit organizations left out of the city's 2005-2006 budget, and the same may happen for the next fiscal year.

Karen Hankerson, Board President for the Boys & Girls Club of Taylor County, said, "The city found itself battling with the constraint, so meeting the needs of the citizens of Taylor County and the City of Perry, they decided that they would cut all of the non-profit organizations. With these budget cuts, the impact on the Boys and Girls Clubs was over $60,000. This impact was a tremendous disappointment to the Boys and Girls Clubs."

The City of Perry has come up with a way to still help out by becoming a collection source for the local United Way.

Emily Ketring, Perry Mayor, said, "If a pledge card is filled out, it will be added to your city utility bill. Whatever amount you pledge, it'll just be divided among the 12 months and then added to each bill."

The Boys and Girls Clubs receives about $75,000 annually from the United Way and the city's new partnership is expected to increase the much needed funds.

Kevin Kidd, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Taylor County, said, "It takes everyone to really make a difference. Our city, our county, United Way, individuals, corporations. If we all come together we can meet the need of our community."

Mayor Ketring says the city was determined to help the organizations that greatly help the citizens.

Residents should be seeing pledge cards soon for contributions.