Legal Services Reach $2 Million Goal!

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Wednesday night (10/29/08) was a momentous night for people who work on behalf of domestic violence victims, children, the elderly and indigent. A local agency that represents the needy across the Big Bend finally has financial stability for the future.
Folks who showed up Wednesday night at the Legal Services of North Florida were people who have spent years supporting the agency. They *expected* the usual speeches to celebrate 30 years of service to the needy.
"I feel like I'm talking to the choir," exclaimed Benjamin Crump who co-chairs the agency's capital campaign.
They *expected* to surprise the agency's executive director Kris Knab with a special dedication ceremony naming its lobby in her honor.
But what they didn't expect was an impromptu announcement from the President of the United Way of the Big Bend Ken Armstrong as he announced, "We don't generally make contributions to capital campaigns and I don't know if I have any board members here." There were... and so Ken Armstrong pledged the last $20,000 to complete a two million dollar endowment to secure the future of legal services to domestic violence victims, children, the elderly and indigent.
"It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time," says Armstrong.
"It's exciting. You know, to know that this agency will be in good shape for the future... to be able to continue to help people," gushed Kris Knab, executive director for Legal Services of North Florida.
After three decades of depending on year to year funding just to exist... now, Legal Services of North Florida can rest a little easier knowing it can maintain future service to the needy.
Legal Services of North Florida serves sixteen counties across the Florida panhandle.

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