Police Say Suspect Killed Had Pliers

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Tallahassee police say the man shot by an officer Friday night had both illegal drugs and a pair of pliers.

Witnesses told police Ball was acting crazy just before OFC Doug Kutchera shot him. Now we're getting more information on the case.

Police say Diaquiri Ball may have been using cocaine and other illegal drugs, and they said what they believe Ball was using.

Police said Diaquiri Ball was using a pair of channel lock pliers as a weapon, mutilating himself and then coming at police. Police said it was enough of a threat for OFC Doug Kutchera to fear for the lives of himself and another officer, so he opened fire.

OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "We had reason to believe that he was using some sort of weapon, like a knife or something, cutting himself. Come to find out through the investigation that Ball was using channel lock pliers, [cutting himself] somewhere from the waist down to the knees up."

Ball lived at 1425 Bareback Drive in Tallahassee. Monday we talked to neighbors who all said Ball lived quietly, not causing trouble, but one resident did say Ball had a prior problem with exposing himself to emergency medical technicians.

The autopsy was performed Saturday, July 15. The grand jury is scheduled for August 31. There is an internal affairs investigation underway. IA was already on the scene the night of the shooting, and a grand jury will review the case, which is standard procedure any time an officer shoots and kills someone.

This is a very confusing case involving multiple witnesses, one of them an off duty police officer whose sister was dating Ball at the time of the shooting.