Natural Gas Savings Agreement

City officials are making a deal in hopes of somewhat offsetting the skyrocketing cost of natural gas.

Perry resident Sue Connell says she has a hard time keeping up with the price of natural gas these days.

Sue Connell said, "It's too high. People can't afford it. People like me on fixed incomes cannot afford to have natural gas."

If a draft contract is approved by the city council, citizens may get a little savings on natural gas.

An initial agreement with a state gas company would give the city a 45-cent savings on 60 percent of future natural gas purchases.

Emily Ketring, Perry Mayor, said, "If we go that route, yes, it would be slight, but a significant savings over time. It's going to be about $25,000 per year and a half a million over about 20 years."

Not only could residents get a small break in their gas bills, but the finance director says the good news is also that the guaranteed savings could loosen the city's tight budget.

The city council says it hopes to have the agreement finalized by August 10.