Tallahassee Man Qualifies for 'Idol' Audition

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Twenty-six-year-old Todd Doss grew up in Tallahassee singing his heart out in his friends’ garages and living rooms.

His dream then and today, to one day make it to Hollywood.

"I look at them and I watch it and think how awesome it would be to be out there with them or to be singing along with them. I think that would be a really cool experience."

Singing "When a Man Loves a Woman," Doss was selected to go to an American Idol audition in Memphis. If he woos the judges there, his former band member may get some credit. It was the former drummer's idea for Doss to try out.

"I can't sing so I just said hey, I know a guy who can and I called Todd and said hey, there's a competition going on and you need to try out cause your vocals are excellent,” says Mike Park.

Doss and hundreds of others from as far away as Seattle took center stage. Once the competition was whittled down, Doss went head to head with 19 other contestants at Wild Adventures in Valdosta.

"I'm so excited," says Doss. "They're getting me the flight and the hotel, they're getting me up there for a guaranteed audition in front of Randy and Paula and Simon. Basically everything is covered for me so I don't have to do the whole 40 hours sit outside and pray for the best."

Park says it would be great for Tallahassee, "I just think it would be awesome to see a local guy, a local singer, really represent the city and the community on the show with that magnitude. I mean you're talking millions of viewers."

Doss is small town guy that could become a big time Idol. Along with a trip to Memphis and that guaranteed spot in the try outs, Doss has also won a 10 song recording demo.