Supply Cards for Georgia Teachers

In Thomas County, the first bell is set to ring bright and early Monday morning.

Teachers headed back Tuesday at Hand in Hand Primary School, and to help them get prepared before the students come flooding in, they each got a surprise. Gov. Sonny Perdue is giving every classroom teacher a $100 gift card to purchase necessary school supplies. Many of the teachers are calling it a blessing.

Joanna Green, a kindergarten teacher, said, "I was really excited because it helps us to give more to the classroom. We get to get things that we need. Usually I would not purchase because I have to spend my own money."

Jeanna Mayhall, the principal at Hand in Hand Primary School, said, "Classroom teachers spend so much of their own money getting their classrooms ready, and we only have a limited budget. We buy everything that they need, but there's a lot of things teachers want to expand on their abilities in the classroom."

The gift cards are only good during Georgia's tax-free period.