National Night Out

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The annual National Night Out is a night for the community to take a stand against crime. As in cities all across the region and the nation, Thomasville residents gather for great food and fun music to celebrate this year's National Night Out. Various organizations use the event as a way to spread the word about what they do to combat crime.

Victim's Advocate Karen Ambrose said, "It’s just a way to get the word out to people so they understand what to do if they're a victim of a crime, that they know there's help out there for them."

Thomasville resident Jule Anderson said, "We really think as neighborhoods improve and if people feel good about their neighborhood, there could even be a decrease in crime."

Others use this event as a way to get out with their families and get involved.

Kha Thomas is a Thomasville resident and she said, "Food is good, music is great, anybody who misses this is missing out on a something spectacular, you get free food, free t-shirts from the fire department, it's a great community event."

The main event of the night was police dog demonstrations. Thomasville police showed off their dogs' talents for sniffing out drugs and attacking criminals, making for a night of fun and unity in the neighborhood.

Tallahassee also celebrated National Night Out; residents and law enforcement gathered at the Fairgrounds to unite against crime in the capital city.