Mailbox Bomber Strikes

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Checking the mail in Wakulla County these days is scary business. Even postal carriers are sending out letters warning residents to watch out for small chemical bombs in their mailbox.

Four roads around Crawfordville are now home to an investigation involving the fire marshal, the postal inspector, and the Sheriff's Office.

Residents who check their mailbox daily now have to worry about chemical bombs placed inside.

Mari Booth, whose neighbor's mailbox was bombed, said, "That's something you shouldn't have to be concerned about at all. You should be able to go and get your mail and not be worried that someone is going to have planted a bomb in your box and hurt you or a member of your family."

Investigators found a total of six chemical bombs along R&R Lane, Happy Time Drive, Whiddon Lake Road, and Trice Lane.

The bombs themselves are being called juvenile in nature, simply two liter bottles filled with household chemicals. The chemicals heat up inside the mailbox during the day and eventually the bottle explodes. So far there have been no injuries.

Donald Booth said, "I think these are just generally pranksters myself to me. That's the way I feel."

Pranksters or not, investigators say they will use the full force of the law to find the bombers. Fire marshals, postal inspectors and sheriff's deputies are all working the case, hoping they can catch the bomber before someone gets hurt.

Donald Booth said, "Pranks like that can get out of hand if you think about it, you know the kids these days sometimes."

If you find one of these devices in your mailbox, call 9-1-1 immediately. Meanwhile, if you have any information that might help investigators, call the Sheriff's Office at 850-926-0800.