Cascades Park: Vision Becoming Reality

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On any given day in Tallahassee, you can find families gathered at Lake Ella. In a few more years though, those same families will have another outdoor area to enjoy: Cascades Park.

"We think it's going to be a world class park and only a few people will even realize it's a major storm water facility," said Jim Davis, Blueprint 2000 Executive Director.

Right now there's hope for more funding as plans for design and development continue to take place.

"It's been boarded up since the time I was a child, so there's a lot of community history there with football and baseball fields, so to bring it back to a green space that's going to be enjoyed by our community and visitors is just really exciting for me," said Democratic Rep. Loranne Ausley.

Some of the highlights you may see are an interactive fountain, a misting fountain, cascading waterfalls, a dog park and an amphitheater for outdoor concerts.

"This is going to be a green space, this is where we're going to relax and have arts, the theater, amphitheaters. Most importantly though, I just see it's where we accumulate family," said Tallahassee resident David Ramsay.

Residents like Jeanie Conner, who live within down the street from the site, says she can't wait to take her dogs to the park.

"The idea of a lovely linear park that is not bisected by transportation, streets, open to the public is just wonderful."

All of the amenities would also preserve Tallahassee's history. For example, a fence that would go around the park may have an engraved time line or you may see a baseball memorial that would celebrate Tallahassee's baseball history.

In the early 80's, the land was condemned because of all the contamination from the plant. Now all the contaminated dirt has been hauled away, and for the first time in about 15 years it's land that can be developed, and it will be developed into Cascades Park.