Tallahassee Attracting Young Professionals

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Years ago a lunch crowd in Tallahassee was dominated by politicians and older professionals. These days more and more young professionals are walking the streets.

"I think Tallahassee is a growing city, and because its the capital and there's so many opportunities, why not stay? It's a beautiful city with lots to do," said Rae Sullivan, who works at FSU.

Graduate students like Tucker Frazee say there are more young professionals out on the town.

"There's more bars that are catering to more than college students, is a reason to stay here, just the nightlife."

Katrina Rolle owns a law firm and says young professionals are an asset to Tallahassee.

"I think we need the young professionals here to bring new ideas to continue to help Tallahassee be the community that we want it to be."

Danny Shrine who owns Full Press Apparel says like himself, more young professionals are choosing to start up business in Tallahassee.

"Instead of people graduating from college or growing up here and thinking, well, I need to go to Atlanta or Orlando to find a good job, they're finding out that they can make the good jobs here and have the added benefits that we have living in Tallahassee, which is the quality of life."

Futurist Ed Barlow says the best advice to young professionals is to keep up with competition.

"As well as you're doing and as exciting as the things are that you've got in place, you gotta work hard and keep adapting and you gotta be looking for that next challenge or opportunity that may be coming your way."