New Roads for Cairo

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Some roads in Cairo are still full of dirt and potholes, causing bumpy rides and annoyed drivers. The city of Cairo plans to change this with the 2006 Local Assistance Road Program.

A list of roads have been chosen for remodeling, and residents are looking forward to smoother rides.

Cairo resident Sheena Garland said, "I really think they need to improve them, cause I won't even ride down those roads because it messes up your car."

Members of the city council presented a list of what roads need the most attention. The roads will then be presented to the Department of Transportation for evaluation and funding.

For now, four roads have been chosen, sections of 10th Street, 12th Avenue, 1st Street and IGA Way, and residents say they can't wait.

Cairo resident Michael McMurphy said, "They need to be repairing the roads, it's bad for your car, makes it get out of alignment, and it's good for the community."

City council members say they will meet again and choose more roads, deciding on a total of 10 roads to submit to the Department of Transportation by September. DOT will evaluate the 10 chosen roads. After that, city officials say construction will begin next summer.