Family Members Want Answers to Missing Persons Case

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"Every day is very hard. We keep searching and hoping and praying," said Mary McGrath.

Mary McGrath talks about her daily emotions since October 13, 2002, the day her daughter Paula Wade and grandson Brandon went missing.

Paula's parents say they aren't getting enough answers from law enforcement and they've hired a private investigator.

"A private investigator has much more latitude than what the police department has. They work with rules set by the city. They're paid by the city, so they have, in my own words, a restricted means to gather the information," said Regis McGrath.

Valdosta Police CAPT Brian Childress says the police department continues to do everything possible.

"We contact other agencies. We entered them into our criminal justice system. With the help of the family, we have them posted on the Internet. We go back and revisit cases. We talk to people who knew them, friends with them, acquaintances with them," said Childress.

Both the McGraths and the Valdosta Police have one thing in common; they want to crack the nearly four-year-old case. It's all about finding answers to the mystery surrounding Paula and Brandon Wade.