Arrests Made in Resendez Murders

By Kate Gaier
6:15pm August 17

It's the case of the five people shot to death, including a three-year-old boy, a murder case that rocked a community.

Authorities say one of the victim's involvements in a drug ring is what ultimately led to the five murders.

Jaime, his wife Katrina and their son Juan Resendez, her mother Betty Watts, and a family friend Liliana Aguilar were all discovered shot to death in November of 2004. Nearly two years later there are finally answers to questions of who would do such a thing and why.

Authorities are charging 20-year-old Wilma Stover and 45-year-old Jerry Thompson with the five murders.

James Norman has lived in the area for years and said, "I had mixed emotions about it because it was so sad to me, especially when they killed that young one. That made my heart want to bleed."

Residents were relieved upon hearing of the arrests.

Winell Norman lives in the area and said, "I'm glad they found the guys and it's over with and we won't have to worry about it. Now we hear they're caught."

Another resident added "I'm very happy. I hope they got the right ones and I hope if there's more that they'll get those because it was a horrible crime. I'm hoping they got the right ones."

But authorities say the case isn't closed just yet. They're looking for someone they call a person of interest that was last seen in the Valdosta area.

As for the suspects, Thompson and Stover have been in police custody since April of 2005, suspected in a drug trafficking ring that stretched from Texas to Georgia. Authorities say they have evidence that links the two to the crime scene.