Leon County Voting Machines Get a Thumbs Up

It's a Florida state law requirement to verify that every vote will count before election day. Five to ten percent of the machines have to be tested.

The Leon County Supervisor of Election’s Office decided it would test 10 percent, 10 optical scan machines and 10 of the new touch screens.

Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho said, "'We're trying to do this in the most thorough measure possible."

The touch screens are getting the most intense verification, undergoing a 32-step check unique only to Leon County. The county will use the touch screens for the first time during the September Primary. However, what's allowing the verification of the touch screens is prohibited on election day.

Sancho pointed out that each machine is equipped with a paper printout, but state law will not allow supervisors of elections to access and verify those votes on election day. He expects that to change eventually.

"The rest of the nation seems to be requiring the manual verification and I think it's only a matter of time before Florida will be forced to admit that you really should not trust anything; you must verify."

Early voting begins on Monday at the Leon County Courthouse. There were some changes to the election laws in Florida, so keep in mind you must now bring a photo ID with a signature in order to vote, otherwise you'll have to vote with a provisional ballot.

Sancho is encouraging voters to vote by mail. You have until the Friday before the September primary to request one. However, the sooner the better.

Leon County's Elections Office has already mailed out 6,000 ballots. To put your name on the list, call 606-VOTE.