TCC President Delivers "State of the College" Address

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Faculty and staff of Tallahassee Community College piled into TCC's Turner Auditorium Friday to kick off the new school year and to celebrate the college's 40th anniversary.

"It was always a dream of mine to come and teach and be a part of the TCC family. I can't be any happier to be at an institution where we all have the same goal: that's to help the students succeed," said TCC instructor Betty Jensen.

"I love working here. I've been here nine years and I feel like it's the place I'll stay, as long as they have me," said TCC instructor Margaret Cooksey.

TCC President Bill Law says the college's enrollment will hit around 13,000 students this year.

Law says TCC's enrollment growth over the last three years has accounted for two thirds of all enrollment growth among Florida's 28 community colleges.

"The real challenge for us is to have every student succeed when he or she gets here. For all the great things we do, we don't apologize for that. But far too many students don't achieve their goals," expressed Law, who says one of his major goals is to complete the college's new Center for Health Education, slated for construction by early 2008.

TCC will open its doors to students on August 28.