Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect

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It was a rough day on the job for convenience store clerk Betty Richardson, still shaken up after a shooting near her store. An officer opened fire, killing Abdulsalam Bashimam.

"I could have been working a shift and I could have been hit by a bullet because some of it happened right here in the parking lot and ended up on Capital Circle. It's just scary," said Shell gas station clerk Betty Richardson.

Alicia Bopp, who works down the road, was also surprised to learn about a shooting on that side of town.

"There's a lot of businesses around. It's not your ordinary side of town for something like this to happen, just kinda surprising."

Friday morning an officer randomly ran Bashimam's tags and found he's wanted by Colorado authorities. OFC Richard Pulido tried to pull him over at the Shell gas station on Capital Circle Northwest to take him into custody.

"Bashimam then began resisting arrest with Pulido. They had a struggle that ensued right by the parking lot," said Tallahassee Police OFC John Newland.

He says after the struggle at the gas station, the suspect took off down Commonwealth. Also on Commonwealth was the suspect's companion, who had driven off in the truck.

"Bashimam jumped into the rear of the bed of the truck. OFC Pulido immediately followed, jumped in there with him and once in the rear of the truck the officer engaged the gun and shot Bashimam," said Newland.

Richardson says she's worked at the Shell station for two years and has never seen anything like it.

"It's just frightening and scary to come to work in the morning and to found out something like that. A death has occurred, so it’s just disturbing; it’s very disturbing."

The officer was also hurt in the scuffle. He was treated at the hospital and released. Right now he's on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.