Gas War

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There's a war in Moultrie, Georgia, raging on for three days. The casualties are everyday citizens, and they say they enjoy a good war. That's because this particular war lowered gas prices.

Moultrie resident Ashlee Hodapp said, "I like it because you can get gas at lower prices, and gas it so expensive, and I hear they're just going to get higher."

The Danfair gas station had its grand opening earlier this week. To attract customers, they lowered gas prices, then neighboring gas stations began to lower theirs, starting a gas war to see who could sell the cheapest gas.

Danfair gas station manager Demetrie Johnson said, "We didn't have any intention of starting a gas war, honestly, but it worked out well for our customers and all residents of Moultrie. We had people come from as far as Albany and Valdosta."

Moultrie resident Randal Conner said, "It was $2.38, and people were lined up out on the roads on both sides."

The Danfair gas station was the winner of the war. The managers say they had the lowest gas prices in the entire county, with pricing at $2.35 for regular unleaded gas.

It may look like a ceasefire right now with prices going back to where they were before, but gas station managers say another battle could happen any time. The store manager at Danfair says between Thursday and Friday night, they had over 25,000 customers.