Dinner With a Soldier

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Dinner date with a soldier; that's what had veterans and their families donating the dough.

The highest bidding table had a chance to dine with a military soldier at the Veteran of Foreign Affairs on West Tennessee Street.

Kathryn Parker who helped plan the event said, "It means a lot just to have soldiers participate and to have the past soldiers participate and just be able to relive their glory years and have a good time."

The reason for the event is to help the "Family Readiness Group" to benefit the soldiers serving in the "Global War on Terror.”

John Belcher, a Staff Sgt. in the Army, said, "It's a very good group to support our troops overseas. I have a family myself and it would be very important for me, whenever I am deployed, for my wife."

Family members of the soldiers also appreciate the efforts.

Kathryn Parker's boyfriend is currently overseas.

Parker said, "It means a lot to me personally that so many people care about him and care about our troops. I just love it when people come up to me and say they are thankful for his service, and I tell him that everyday. I am very proud of what all of the soldiers are doing."

And that service has veterans in the local community showing their support for current military soldiers.

Mark Alvarez, Post Commander of the VFW, said, "This is a good way to show our support for them what we can do, and this is what we can do in the community."

The community can reach out to the soldiers and their families by donating to other events the VFW sponsors.

If you are interested in donating, you can contact the nearest Veteran's of Foreign Affairs.