Thomas County Middle Earns High Honor

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Teachers worry about poor readers, lack of resources, and large classes. Teachers at Thomas County Middle School are voicing their concerns now that change is possible with new funding.

Seventh grade math teacher Sharon Hickey said, "All teachers are in incorporative groups trying to improve plans and our instruction, and we've worked hard to improve our students’ test scores and their learning."

As a school system, Thomas County gets more than $1 million to be divided among the four Title 1 schools in the county. Teachers want to use this money for students not reading at grade level.

Seventh grade social studies teacher Daniel Oldham said, "If we could get maybe a bridge resource that would bring up a student's ability in the content areas, then they could focus on their studies and perform better."

Seventh grade reading teacher Angela Copeland said, "I would like to see funds go towards the media center to get more materials for students and more reading resource material that kids need for different grade levels."

It takes three years of earning high points in the Adequate Yearly Progress category to earn the honor of being a Title 1 Distinguished School. On top of being a Title 1 School, after three years of being a Distinguished School, a grant of $10,000 is then awarded to that school.