Grief Counselors; Teen Fatal

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A teenage girl and six others were traveling along Brickyard Road in Midway Saturday when the driver lost control, killing one of the passengers.

Several East Gadsden County High School students joined in a moment of prayer to say a final farewell to a classmate who lost her life in a car accident on Saturday.

The Florida Highway Patrol says 16-year-old Camellia Byrd and six others were in a car that crashed into a tree on Brickyard Road.

Grief counselors are on campus helping kids cope with Byrd's death.

Grief counselor Tarrah Gordon said, “I've spoken with a few students who were deeply saddened who were grieving very hard, crying, upset, and just wanted to come and talk about their feelings and have some moral support."

Sixteen-year-old Camellia Byrd was well liked by friends and teachers who say in her short time on earth she touched so many lives.

Ronnie Williams, an East Gadsden mentor, added, "She was always a pleasant student and had a nice smile and always had positive things to say. She was always respectful to others. When I encounter her she was always nice. We really going to miss her."

Jessica Pope, a neighbor, said, "Everybody was hurt, everybody was crying. She was a nice friend. I was crying myself. I didn't want to see her leave like that. She was too young."

It’s a young life friends say was snuffed out far too soon. Five of the passengers are still in the hospital, including one who was life flighted to Shands. The driver has been released.

Funeral services for Camellia Byrd will be held 2:00 p.m. Saturday at East Gadsden High School.