Early Voting Underway in Florida

Will Bruce cast his very first official ballot with his mother on the first day of early voting.

Will Bruce said, “My mom was always very politically active, so I just followed what my mom did."

This year campaign workers and petition gatherers will be kept further back, 100 feet from the entrance to the poll instead of 50.

Cameras are no longer allowed inside. A new statewide registration database also makes it easier for students and others to vote after the books have closed by simply signing a change of address form.

Ion Sancho, Leon County Elections Supervisor, said, “Prior to this year, the cutoff date for a new registration occurred before the students went to their campuses to go to school. Now, there is no such thing as a book closing deadline.”

State officials are worried about a low turnout the day after Labor Day, so they say what happens during early voting may be an indication of what’s to come.

Sue Cobb, Florida Secretary of State, said, “Florida does not have a stellar turnout rate. I wish we did."

In 2004, the number of early voters statewide was about equal to the number of people who asked for absentee ballots.