A Fake ID Will Cost You

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With college students coming back and school getting into swing, so is Tallahassee's night life. Some bars like Potbelly's are getting ready by training employees on how to spot fake IDs.

If arrested, you could be handcuffed and hauled off to jail.

"A mug shot will be taken of you and you'll be fingerprinted. Depending on felony or misdemeanor, you'll have felony major case rolled or you can have just fingerprints," said SGT Edward Lee, who works at the Leon County Jail.

If you're arrested you'll be behind bars at least eight hours and no telling who you'll be in there with.

"You could be put in a holding cell with someone charged with DUI all the way up to murder," said Lee.

To call a friend, you'll have to call collect, and by the end you'll also collect an arrest record, all of it on your file forever.