Moody Expansion, Part 3

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August 22, 2006

A-10 maintenance crew airmen are checking their planes at Pope Air Force Base now, but will soon be transitioning to south Georgia.

Tech SGT Jeff Andrews said, "Hopefully I will be at Moody when the first A-10 lands at Moody from the 23rd Wing. That would be an exciting time for me."

Moody already plays a vital role in the area's economy, contributing over $300 million annually.

COL Joeseph Callahan said, "It's not just the support of the community in the cost of living in the area, the housing market and what is has to offer."

Moody was created in the 1940's when concerned Valdosta and Lowndes County residents wanted to assist in the nation's defense program.

LT GEN Gary North said, "We're very proud of that relationship and we're honored that the community thinks very strongly of the Air Force and our relationship."

Forty eight planes will be stationed at Moody by 2009.

"I've talked to several of my friends and they're all excited about, oh, how do I get to Moody? How do I get to Moody? Some are actually putting in for an assignment overseas to Korea, so they can put on for a follow-up assignment to get to Moody; they all love it that much."

It’s making Moody an attractive destination for our nation's airmen. Moody's total population is around 26,000 or about 30 percent of Lowndes County's population, and it's expected to grow with this expansion.