Jeb Bush Popular Among Gubernatorial Candidates

By Tim Leljedal
6:10pm August 22, 2006

Gov. Jeb Bush’s name has been on the November ballot three times in the last 12 years. Although he is term limited out, his name is mentioned so frequently you might think he were on the ballot.

Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher both have pictures of themselves and Bush front and center on websites, and Tom Gallagher manages to use the governor’s name twice in 30-second spots.

Not to be outdone, Charlie Crist even points out that Gallagher was once a Bush opponent. Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings says it about being associated with a winner.

“Whether people agree with you or not, often times they will respect you because you said what you were going to do and then you followed through,” said Jennings.

Bush himself is more humble, sort of.

“They’re my friends. We’ve worked together and we’ve accomplished a lot together, and so it’s flattering," said Bush.

So who becomes the next governor may well depend on which candidate can convince voters they’re most like Jeb Bush, unless it’s a Democrat, where the contest is between two men who want to be as far from Jeb Bush as possible.