Arrest Made in Tallahassee Murder

by Julie Montanaro
August 22, 6:25pm

There was an arrest today in a months-old murder case as the Leon County Sheriff's Office cuffed a man known on the street as "CC."

Family members of victim Darhyl Martin say they're relieved but will feel better when 22-year-old Charles Saylor is actually convicted of murder.

Saylor was arrested this afternoon, accused of shooting Darhyl Martin in his car near the corner of Fourth Avenue and Old Bainbridge Road back in April. Martin tried to run away but collapsed in the street and died. His family is grateful "CC" is now behind bars.

"He just don't need to be on the street. I'm not just talking about my son Darhyl, I'm talking about all the other Darhyls out there that he could shoot down if we don't get him off the street," said Martin's mother Stella Rivers.

His aunt, Dorothy Roberts, said, "All I can feel is for my Darhyl. All I can see was him trying to run, trying to get away from the guy, and then to hear different people say how CC said ‘I had a little fun this weekend.’"

Deputies would not specify how many times Darhyl Martin was shot nor disclose what the two men were arguing about in the moments before the shooting.

Saylor was actually already in jail on domestic battery charges when he was served with the murder warrant Tuesday afternoon. Deputies hope now that he's behind bars witnesses will no longer be intimidated and step forward with more information.