Family Speaks Out on Police Shooting

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Friends and family are grieving, even after final farewells and laying to rest 25-year-old Abdusalam Bashimam.

"It's a loss for the community, for all his friends, his family and all the people he never got to meet," said his close friend, Denise Palmer.

The Tallahassee man known by friends as Nabel was killed when an officer opened fire while trying to arrest him on a warrant out of Colorado. The police department says an altercation broke out and the officer felt his life was in danger.

"His life was threatened and he had to use the necessary force," said Tallahassee Police Officer John Newland.

Friends and family say force with a firearm was unnecessary.

"What happened to my son should not happen again in Tallahassee or any other area for young people to get shot for simple charges, which we train our police to use a lot of other means before they pull a gun," said Isam Bashimam.

Lorraine Tuten, who has known Bashimam since he lived in Perry last year, says he wouldn't hurt an officer.

"He was not a violent person at all. He wasn't the type of person that would fight with anyone or argue. If you were arguing, he would turn around and make you laugh.

Fighting back tears, Desrree Parker said she's outraged an officer shot her friend.

"They had nothing to fear. They had no reason to kill him. He killed him. He was murdered in cold blood in the streets."

His father says he did drugs for entertainment, but was in rehab trying to get help. His father wants police to know that just because his son did drugs doesn't mean he's a violent person.