4th Avenue Murder Arrest

Leon County sheriff's detectives arrested a man on Tuesday, in connection with the 4th Avenue murder of Darhyl Martin. Martin collapsed and died of gunshot wounds in front of a Sheriff's Deputy April 19th in the intersection of 4th Avenue and Old Bainbridge.

The arrest warrant for first degree murder was served to the man detectives say they suspected since the night Martin died. Twenty-two-year-old Charles Saylor was served the arrest warrant at the Leon County Jail where he's booked on an unrelated domestic battery charge. He's denying his involvement. Still, Martin's family said Tuesday, they were relieved to hear of an arrest.

His mother, Stella Rivers, said, "It was like a burden fell off me because I knew. I heard things about it. I know he was the one. He killed my son on that night."

Martin's aunt, Dorothy Roberts, says the arrest is not closure yet.

She said, "Just to lock him up is not enough, he's got be convicted, and I guess I'll feel a little more at ease," she added. "I would love to know why you would take someone's life. I don't know."

Detectives are also searching for more answers, they're asking anyone who was there or heard anything that night to come forward. They've already interviewed several witnesses, but due to intimidation, they fear not everyone is coming forward.

Now that Saylor is behind bars, they're hoping to learn more about what happened on the night of April 19. Anyone with information is asked to call the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 850-922-3300.