Leon County Commission News

News from the Leon County Commission meeting:

The Board voted down an attempt to repeal the half cent sales tax for health care. It was a 4-2 vote against Commissioner Tony Grippa's proposal to pull it from the November ballot.

Grippa also raised concern the County is crossing the line of advocacy with a recent press release from the County Public Information Office about the Capital Medical Society's endorsement of the tax. He questioned why a similar release didn't come when the Tallahassee Chamber and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare's Board of Directors opposed it.

The issue will be clarified during a September commission meeting. The County will move forward with a $150,000 educational campaign, vowing to avoid advocacy as it was intentioned all along.

Commissioners will have to wait until January to decide on a one cent increase to the county's bed tax. The continuance coming at the request of the Performing Arts Center Committee.

The one cent increase to five cents would raise about $800,000 a year for a performing arts center, proposed at the Johns building site on Gaines Street.