Inactive Marines Called to Duty

Thousands of U.S. Marines are being called back to active duty. They will soon be heading to war torn areas.

The United States Marine Corp is calling about 2,500 Marines back to active duty to fill a shortfall in the global War on Terror. This is the first involuntary recall since the beginning of the Iraqi War in 2003. One mother of a military police is preparing for her son to deploy to Afghanistan in just a couple months.

"I'm really reliant right now on my trust in the Lord because I know that he has a purpose for my son going there. I'm trusting in him to protect him while he's there and to fulfill his purpose for him while he's there. I have no idea what that is."

A Marine Reserve Public Affairs Officer says the Marine Corp will be calling up those in the Individual Ready Reserve. This means the Marines that have completed four active years and are in the last four years of their inactive obligation.

Captain Ray Spaulding is an active Marine and said, "All Marines realize that if we are needed by our country that we will come back and help out. My experience with Marines is that after they reorganize their personal lives, they are more than happy to continue to serve their country."

Officials say they are looking for those with specialty skills, positions that could not be filled by volunteers.

Marine Corp representatives say they will be sending out callout letters in a couple of months.

There are 2,600 Reserve Marines overseas under the control of central command.