Tallahassee City Commission News

Tallahassee Utilities officials say it's unlikely City Commissioners will vote on the city's energy future during the September 13 meeting as initially planned. Commissioners listed about 20 questions including concerns about environmental impact and costs.

Commissioners are considering how to diversify the city's energy portfolio, now 95 percent reliant on natural gas. Coal is an option on the table, including the Taylor Energy Center or purchasing power from a Georgia plant.

Commissioners say they've been learning more and growing throughout the last two years...as a result, they're able to ask better, more specific questions. Some include whether the city should set standards for the power it purchases. An example: if coal power at one plant is cheaper, but dirtier than another plant's more expensive coal power, the city would not purchase the cheaper power. A public hearing was scheduled for next Tuesday.

Commissioners also adopted a public schools inter-local agreement, part of Senate Bill 360 requiring developers to pay up if their new development strains already crowded schools. It will also put a School Board Member on the Development Review Committee.

The Leon County Commission and the Leon County School Board adopted the same agreement Tuesday night. The three will now decide what the amendments will be to the comp plan to comply with the law, effective in 2008.

The City of Tallahassee also recognizes the life of the late Hurley Rudd, a former mayor and commissioner who died earlier this month at the age of 78. Mayor John Marks presented a flag to Rudd's family, a flag that once flew over City Hall.

Rudd's son said, "I think it's a great honor, my father served as a commissioner, in the House of Representatives. He really enjoyed his service with the city and really enjoyed all the things he did and the opportunity to serve all the people in the city of Tallahassee."

Hurley Rudd and his brother, John Rudd, are the only pair of brothers to serve the city of Tallahassee as mayor.

The mayor also passing along the Governor's Points of Light's Award to Tallahassee's Laura Adams. The award recognizes Floridians who not only work to benefit their communities, but make a difference in the lives of their neighbors.

Adams was honored for her nine years of service as a foster parent, often taking in abused and neglected children.