Busiest Street in Cairo Closed

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For four days, people traveling through downtown Cairo have been delayed by a detour. Construction is being done on the railroad crossing, which city officials say will smooth the concrete surrounding the tracks.

Cairo resident Sheryl McLendon said, "It's been pretty bumpy; you have to slow down a lot to go over the tracks, so it's going to be nice."

Still, with the main street through town being blocked, people are having to find other ways to get to their downtown destinations.

Cairo resident Maricela Aparicio said, "There's a lot of traffic when I come through. I have to wait in line ‘cause there's a lot of cars."

Cairo resident Marilyn Dollar said, "I have to give people new directions to my business so we try to help them avoid coming in to town and finding roadblocks."

City officials say the Georgia Department of Transportation is providing the $20,000 budget for the road construction.

All year, the D.O.T has been working on sections of the railroad crossings to be upgraded. The city manager says the road construction should be finished soon, and expects the street to be open by late Friday afternoon.