Housing Development Causes Increase in the Classroom

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It is hard to miss, construction is everywhere. Tallahassee is booming and continuing to expand with new developments. In the end it's a situation that's putting new strains on area schools.

"Although we are delighted to have new families and students, it does bring a challenge for us in space and use of our facilities,” says Brenda McGailliard, Killearn Lakes Elementary Principal.

Planning ahead is one key to staying ahead of the game.

"It is important for developers to look at their development and have a school strategy long before they ever set out and just assume its going to be taken care of then," says
David Wamsley, CEO of K2Urban Corporation.

"In the past we have had good planning but it has been we would plan the development and the pressure for development was not as quick as it is now," says Jon Cramer, Director of Facilities Systems for Leon County.

The Florida Legislature has already adopted new requirements associated with growth that addresses public facilities, and includes everything from infrastructure to public schools.

Jon Cramer says working together is a big effort. For now, schools like Killearn Lakes Elementary will continue using portables to accommodate increasing enrollment.