Fantasy Husband League

by Julie Montanaro
August 25, 6:45pm

It's draft time for all those fantasy football players out there, but a Tallahassee woman has come up with a fantasy draft of her own. In this one, you draft husbands, and this fantasy league is designed for football widows everywhere.

Fantasy leaguers can't wait for the season to start, but in this game you don't draft quarterbacks or tight ends, you draft husbands.

It's called the Fantasy Husband League, your pick of 20 hunky husbands with names like Austin and Chad, and women place bets on how they'll tackle a host of relationship quandaries.

"There are some responses we're looking at and saying that's a great response," said 'referee' and licensed marriage counselor Dr. Kay Colvin Guthrie. "Others, you know, it's a kind of mediocre response and there are other responses where we're like, how can this guy say that?"

"You can pick a scoundrel who can have a good week," laughed 'Coach' Patty McAlpine, another marriage counselor who grades responses.

Tallahassee accountant Kim Cramer cooked up the idea for the web game. The answers come from real men who for obvious reasons will remain anonymous. Licensed marriage counselors grade the men's responses, but it's the women who score points or lose them when they bet on the wrong beau.

"One of the responses I got, I was just dumbfounded," said player Vicki Curtis Stoner.

"That's what's great about this game," added Colvin Guthrie, "If you don't like your husbands one week, you can trade them in and get three more new husbands. What a fantasy is that?"

The women point out even the best fantasy husbands "fumble" once in a while. Here are a couple of examples of one of the pre-season quandaries: The biggest football game of the season is on the same day as your five-year-old's birthday party, What do you do?

Your mother gets into an argument with your wife and now wants to come for a visit. Your wife says no. What do you do?

The web site has advice for dealing with a new dilemma every week of the season.