Two-Year-Olds Going to School

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You're never too young to start going to school. For a year now teachers at Hand In Hand Primary School are teaching students that are two and three years old to help them succeed in year to come.

Terri White teaches three-year-olds, and she said, "I was a kindergarten teacher for 18 years, and this is my first time with three-year-olds. It's good I was a kindergarten teacher before because I know what they will need to do later."

Although the children play, they spend most of the day learning about the days of the week, months of the year, shapes, and color. Within their classes they rotate between play centers, each concentrating on math, science, and English. Teachers say this not only benefits the children, but teachers as well.

Keri Johnson also teachers three-year-olds and said, "We have pre-k teachers, thanks us everyday, because when they go to pre-k they already have some of the routines and some basic knowledge."

This service is catered towards parents working in the Thomas County school system, as well as high school students with children of their own. The program helps the children get ready for more structured classes in the future by incorporating learning and playing, but being only two and three years old, they make sure to get some shuteye during the day as well.

The program keeps the children in school from seven in the morning to five in the evening to cater to the schedule of teachers and other working in the school system.