Jefferson County Elementary - Most Improved

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The district is being recognized as one of the top ten most improved schools in the state.

Jefferson County school officials are excited, elated, and just plain happy they were recognized for their hard work. They say the county has "A" students who can excel if given the opportunity.

Jefferson County Elementary teachers and students can add more confidence in their ability to perform. Last year, the Department of Education gave the school a failing grade. Now it's being recognized, the sixth most improved in the state for student achievement.

Linda Butler-Stewart, a Jefferson County Elementary teacher, said, "For the kids to know we are number six and to know it is because of what they did, we're all on the same team. We all work together to make this school what it is today."

Within the past year administrators implemented several new math and reading programs aimed at helping students score high marks, and they've paid off quickly.

Jefferson County Elementary went from an "F" to a "C". They were just two points shy of earning a "B." Officials say next year they'll receive an "A."

The district has been losing students to surrounding counties and private schools, but with these marks, more than 100 students have come back.

Principal Sandra Kay Collins said, "We're looking for all our students to come back because we have the programs, we have the dedicated staff and we have everything it takes for children to be academically successful."

It’s a successful school that hopes to be world renown for its achievements. The students made gains in several different subjects in reading. Third grade students were number one in the state, and they were number two in math, so the kids are definitely making strides.