Ernesto Coming? Get Ready, Anyway

Our area is still in Tropical Storm Ernesto's projected path. Emergency Management officials want citizens, especially coastal residents, to take this time to prepare.

Steinhatchee homeowners Ed and Brenda Jones are removing yard debris to gear up for Ernesto. As storm chasers, they are prepared to hit the road to provide assistance wherever Ernesto hits in Florida, but first they are making sure they have their own house in order, just in case.

Brenda Jones said, "We make sure that as many yard ornaments and things that I have outside I take them in, so that they don't become flying missiles; or if the flood gets high enough, flood out and possibly damage other people's property and lives."

Ed Jones added, "We'll button down all of the shutters before we leave and we're trying to get all of the stuff cleared up in the yard here so that nothing will wash away more than have to. If it gets to be a major hurricane, we may come back and the place may be leveled. But that's the chance you take for living on the Gulf Coast."

Florida Emergency Management says folks should be checking their hurricane supply kits. For those on medications, make sure you have a three to five day supply on hand.
Citizens are encouraged to stay tuned to weather advisories for updates and changes.