Nasty Ad Campaigns Against Lee Sullivan

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"Veterans Truth," a newly formed political group, ran a radio ad Monday morning. The ad muddies the water that Mayor Lee Sullivan says was settled years ago.

"No one has ever found that I have done anything wrong in any complaint, but the sad part is I want to talk about the election, but because of this I find myself having to talk about something that happened 10 years ago, which I'm sure is the purpose. They say people don't like negative ads, but they say they respond to it."

The man behind the ad is Tallahassee attorney David Ramba. Ramba is the same Tallahassee attorney who filed to have Lee Sullivan removed from the election ballot just last week.

Some have linked Ramba to Cameron Skinner’s political camp.

"They are registered in Tally at a P.O. box. Their attorney or registered agent is the same attorney that on behalf of Cameron Skinner wrote a letter trying to get me removed from the ballot."

We spoke to David Ramba. Ramba says the ads are being paid for by a group that is not supporting any candidate. The group just doesn't like Sullivan.

Skinner also denies any involvement in both last week's letter and the radio ad. Skinner says Ramba isn't involved in his campaign and he's met the Tallahassee attorney only twice in his life.

The ad comes on the heels of last week's League of Women Voters candidates forum, where Skinner took a firm stand against 527's.

Cameron Skinner, (R), said, "I will not behold to any special interest. I feel proud. I haven't been offered any help from any outside organization, any outside 527 groups."

Skinner then went on to say accepting outside help is against his charter.

"No, I haven't been approached by any 527's to help my campaign, and I actually wear that as a badge of honor. I feel they know my character."

Skinner may be denying responsibility, but Sullivan isn't buying it.

"The young lad ran all over me with insinuation and the news ran with it, but at the 11th hour that's not gonna stand, but what's important is the issues."

Sullivan says he does not plan to respond to the negative ad campaign with one of his own.

Sullivan and Skinner, as well as Jimmy Patronis, Jr. and William Fisher, Jr. are all hoping to win the Republican primary. The winner will face a Democratic opponent in the November general election.

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