How Does 'THE' Florida State University Sound?

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The three-letter word 'THE' is used so much in our everyday speech that chances are you never think about it.

But Florida State University is hoping this one word can help change its image.

The school no longer wants to be known as Florida State University, they want to be known as 'THE' Florida State University.

And its all part of a campaign to improve the university's image and help them out through these tough economic times.

This is the story of one small insignificant word, that is rooted in a big university's history, and can help strengthen it for the future.

FSU's Director of Special Projects, Fran Conaway says, "We have been THE Florida State University since the beginning, every once in a while it gets dropped, someone will say 'Oh, that's a little too formal for us."

For the past few years, Florida State has dropped the word, until now.

FSU has used private donor money to hire a consulting firm.

The firm is suggesting ways to streamline the university's image, all the way from newsletters to business cards.

Officials say adding the 'The' adds to the excellence Florida State already has, and this can help as the university tries to raise more private money.

FSU Senior Yumon Eaton says, "Its a way of Florida State distinguishing itself from other universities, its like we are 'THE' Florida State University, the one and only."

FSU Sophomore Lauren Peters says, "I would never say that I go to 'The' Florida State University, I would just say I go to Florida State University."

FSU Sophomore Nick Murray says, "I think its pretty cool, it is better than calling it 'The University of Florida', now, isn't it?"

Officials say the changes will be done over time, and it will not cost much because many of these materials would be replaced anyway.

This new effort will help streamline its image, so for example, a letter from the College of Business will look the same as a letter from the College of Fine Arts.

Florida State officials say they will not add the word 'THE' to the University seal. They tried it, but it just didn't look right, so the seal will remain the same.


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