Warrants Issued in Dog Fighting Raid

By Julie Montanaro
August 31, 7:05 p.m.

Arrest warrants have just been issued for two Tallahassee men accused in a dog fighting ring.

More than a dozen dogs seized last week bear brutal battle scars, and deputies are hoping to put the men in jail for it.

Bull dogs were rescued from a backyard on Blue Bird Road, almost all with battle scars and some with fresh blood. Detective John Rudd with the Leon County Sheriff's Office described what he saw when he arrived on scene.

"There were at least two dogs with puncture wounds with blood on them, blood on the ground; several of the other dogs had huge scars across their faces, all over their forearms, on their back legs."

Leon County deputies have just issued warrants for 27-year-old Devin Garmon, who faces 20 counts of animal cruelty and dog fighting, and his friend, 28-year-old Derrick Brown, who is facing seven counts including attending one of those dog fights.

Neighbors suspected trouble.

"They're here to protect you,” neighbor Latasha Savage said, "but they are not here for you to do stuff like that."

The dogs themselves are likely headed for euthanasia. They're at the animal shelter now, and the county is trying to gain custody of them so no matter what happens in criminal court, the dogs won't wind up back in the ring.

Leon County Animal Control Director Richard Ziegler says, "We want to avoid the animals going back to the conditions we took them from. We don't want them to suffer anymore than what they've already been though."

The dogs will undergo a behavioral analysis to see if they can be saved and adopted out or not. As for Garmon and Brown, deputies are looking for them and hope you can help. They believe the men are still in town and laying low. Call Crime Stoppers at 574-TIPS if you have any information.