FSU Students at Archbold Memorial Hospital

By Kate Gaier
5:30 pm September 7, 2006

Randa Perkins is a third year medical student from Florida State University. Unlike many of her classmates, she's doing her third and fourth year clinical rotations at Thomasville's Archbold Memorial Hospital.

Perkins said, "We're not standing behind other residence, or students and residence and physicians, as to procedures. We get to be right here with the physicians, doing what we can and learning hands-on."

And with only three students from Florida State, there's little lacking when it comes to hands-on experience.

Dr. Jeff Myers said, "Compared to my third year rotation in Indianapolis it's definitely more hands-on. She's (Perkins) with me one on one all the time and she's done more in surgery and delivery-wise than I did."

When compared to other hospitals, the teacher to student ratio at Archbold allows less observation and more participation.

Perkins added, "You can see that in the way physicians except the students and call us in and we get to see so much here, and the flexibility and the fact that there's only three students here."

And with the numbers in favor of the med students, Perkins is getting much needed experience that could one day make her a cut above the rest. Another bonus for the students is that Archbold is paying for their room and board.