First Year Teachers Are Learning in the Classroom

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Students who walk the halls at Tallahassee's Leon High School said they feel much more comfortable now that school has been in session for about a month. But first year teachers say their fears are just beginning.
"My biggest fears were that I wasn't going to be able to relate to the students because I did graduate 13 years ago, and I thought I want to remember what it was like to in high school", said Jennifer Roady-Lawson, a first year teacher.
That's why Lawson has a MOM, or Model of Message, in her classroom. This retired teacher, is all too familiar with these challenges.
"Someone to help with the emotions of first year teaching with making it a easier route for that person and giving them some survival tips for their first year", said Sheryl Gaskin, MOM.
Teachers say that the first year is the most difficult and presents obstacles they themselves didn't learn in the classroom.
"Preparation for beginning teachers we had techniques on discipline but when you actually enter in a situation with a student it's very hard", said Gaskin.
Teachers say the Mentoring Program helps them organize and manage issues that arise in the classroom.
"So I am learning how to be the best teacher possible, so why not use the resources that's available which is an experienced professional who has been in the school system for a long time"said Roady-Lawson.
And that's providing that extra measure of reassurance for all first year teachers.
POP's is another part of this mentoring program, and stands for preserving our profession.
Both have brought more than 12-hundred years of experience in to the classrooms.