Animal Shelter Meeting Humane Society Recommendations

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It may take years for Tallahassee's Animal Services Center to get in line with more than 800 recommendations from the Humane Society of the United States.

The audit came down last year at the request of the city. So far, shelter officials say they've complied with 82 of the recommendations this year with the help of Animal Service’s Center Director Dee Crumpler.

They claim the most significant accomplishments are a new surgical center and hiring a veterinarian.

Crumpler said, "It's really about the staff we have out here and the rescue groups. It's our local veterinarians in the community that, quite frankly, in the last year has really come back to the shelter have been extremely supportive of us."

Crumpler says he expects the center to meet all the recommendations in the next five years.

City Commissioner Debbie Lightsey told Crumpler on Wednesday night that the center didn't used to be a place the city could be proud of. She said that's changed, calling it a "tremendous turnaround."