FSU Trophy Thieves Punished

It's now case closed for two men accused of stealing and stashing FSU's National Championship trophies, but many say it's not much of a punishment. Many fans and students say they want jail time for Jason Rojas and John Piowaty. Instead, they were only fined.

It's believed they stole the two FSU championship trophies as a prank, but students say it's not funny.

Audra Dixon, an FSU student, said, "This isn't a joke. You can't just go around stealing things. If I were in the mall and stole something, I would definitely be taken to jail for whatever the cost."

Kendy Dieudonne, another FSU student, said, "Even if it was a prank or not, why would you prank on somebody that worked their butts off and sweated out from somebody who didn't participate at it at all."

Jason Rojas and John Piowaty are fined less than $68,000 in for stealing FSU's football championship trophies. The two were arrested last year after authorities found one of the trophies in Fort Walton Beach and the other in Tallahassee.

Jonathan White, an FSU student, said, "I can't believe that they're just getting fined. They should definitely get some jail time. It's encouraging other people, saying you can get away with something like that. I don't think it's fair."

$7,800 from each Rojas and Piowaty will help pay for the two crystal football trophies that had to be replaced, $1,000 each for campus police costs and $25,000 each for scholarship endowment.

Cameron Sangster, and FSU student, said, "I think it's ridiculous. It doesn't fit the crime. The football team worked so hard to earn those trophies. They just took them away and they're not even getting any jail time. I feel it's unbelievable."

FSU President T.K. Wetherell says he's just happy to be able to move on and says at least something positive came out of the ordeal.

T.K. Wetherell said, "There are two students who are, for the rest of infinity at Florida State, that are going to have scholarships because of this. They paid a fine, they did community service work, they wrote a letter of apology to the students in the student newspaper, so I think that makes a point."

The crystal trophies now displayed in the athletic department are still the replicas. FSU athletic officials say once the museum is complete, they will decide how to display the original trophies that were recovered last year.