Jim Davis Names Running Mate

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For the first time in Florida history voters have an African American Lieutenant Governor on the ticket.

Democrat Jim Davis naming former state Senator Daryl Jones as his running mate.

"Putting Daryl Jones on the ticket will energize that base for the first time in a couple of elections," said Political Scientist Lance deHaven-Smith.

Senator Al Lawson says it will ensure the African American voice is heard.

"A lot of issues that they’re concerned about in the minority community and poor community are going to be put on the table and he will have the ear of the governor,” Lawson says.

Just after Davis picked the former fighter pilot Channel 6 learned Representative Loranne Ausley from Tallahassee was also on the list as a potential running mate.

The well known Democrat would have also made history. It would have been the first time a general election ticket in Florida would feature a female as Lieutenant Governor.

"It's historic. Obviously we have a woman Lieutenant Governor now but she wasn't elected, she was appointed so it would have been historic but we have a historic ticket now with Daryl Jones the first African American running state wide and I'm very excited about that ticket," Ausley says.