More Options for Dropouts

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"I couldn't get a nice job, and if I get this high school diploma I will be able to do what I want to do," said Kataurah McIver, a student at Life Skills Center.

McIver dropped out of high school. She is now 21, too old to step back into the traditional classroom. She thought her only option was a GED until she learned of Life Skills Center.

“Working on classes that are general towards their level that they can work out their own pace, where their not being ranked by their success or failure in comparison to another school," said Ellen Roberts, an administrator at Life Skills Center Leon.

One of the many goals of this school is to focus on the skills that are essential for students to succeed.

"Need not just one on one but maybe a different method of presenting the material or somebody showing them a different way than they have learned previously," said Lori Stradling, an interventionist at Life Skills Center.

Change is what many students need. They say high school was too distracting. The center allows them to focus more on their work.

"You will get more out of it, you don't just get your high school diploma, you get everything else with it. I think it's a better opportunity for people to try out," said McIver.

This school is preparing students for employment and college by receiving credits for every subject they master. Life Skills Center is geared towards dropouts and at risk students, and is only of 13 in the state of Florida.