Police Vacancies in Quincy

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September has been a turbulent month for the Quincy Police Department with some key people leaving their posts.

Several internal investigations into misconduct have left a cloud of controversy in the agency.

Chief Gerald McSwain said, "It may appear there's a cloud over the department, but some of issues that occurred those things were isolated cases the commitment and dedication to law enforcement to serving and protecting the citizens this community has not changed."

But what has changed is the number of vacancies left following the investigations.

Michael Graham, a canine officer, tenured his resignation after an internal investigation revealed he was paid for time he didn't work.

The chief's administrative assistant, Ann Joyner, was terminated for violating the city's code of conduct after superiors found suggestive photos of her on the Web, and while the agency is reeling from the shakeup, two other veteran officers have decided to leave the department.

MAJ Clenn Beach, who is also the assistant police chief, retired after 38 years on the job and Captain James Hughes resigned after 19 years with the department.

City Manager Bill Bogan said, "The City of Quincy Police Department is in the process of remaking itself, and I believe that this police department is going to be one the citizens are going to be proud off.

Citizens that have seen the department come under scrutiny and bounce back.

Currently they are accepting applications to fill all of those positions, as well as spots for four police officers. Interested applicants should call 850-627-7681 for more details.