ATM Thieves Strike in Tallahassee

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They've tried time and time again to steal ATM machines in Tallahassee, but deputies and police can't seem to pin them down. The would-be thieves are persistent, trying unsuccessfully at least 10 times to make off with automatic teller machines, and detectives say it's not an easy task.

SGT Mark Meadows with the Tallahassee Police Department said, "The problem is these machines are very heavy, very well protected, and it's almost impossible task to move one or take it with you."

The suspects were captured on several surveillance video cameras backing up a stolen truck, breaking in the door, chaining up the machines and then trying to drive off without the ATM in tow.

Tallahassee Police and Leon County sheriff's detectives believe the suspects are linked to at least 10 ATM heists around Tallahassee.

Diane Albanese dropped by the Gate gas station on Blairstone Road, one of the stores hit this week.

She said, “I don't understand what would make somebody so desperate to try and do that to begin with. It's time to give it up."

Employees say it was a stupid attempt, considering the machine was bolted into the ground and the alarm systems were blaring off.

Customer James Robertson said of the burglars, "Well, idiots make the world go round."

Detectives were even more stumped when an ATM machine appeared in a city ditch on Bragg Drive. The problem is no ones claimed it as stolen. Could it be connected to the ATM thieves? Detectives say it's possible. Now they just have to piece together who the suspects are and they're hoping you can help.

There's a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Call Crimestoppers at 850-891-HELP with any information.