Salary Complaints in Madison

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Madison city council members will be getting a hefty pay raise next month.

However, several residents have signed petitions urging the council to rescind that decision.

Madison is home of the Four Freedoms Monument. It is a picturesque community with palm trees and easy living, but trouble is brewing in the quiet community.

Tom Tuckey and several others spearheaded a campaign, urging residents to sign petitions that would force council members to hold off on getting a $2000 pay raise. "We're not opposed to the city commissioners getting a raise, what we're opposed to is in the future, the city commissions will get an automatic increased based on whether or not the county receives a raise from the legislators," he said.

The group feels with the closure of Smithfield Packing Plant and the loss of some 480 job, now is not the time for a raise.

However, some residents say city council members deserve a pay hike.

Renetta Parrish says, "You talk about doing things that [are] fair; that would be fair. For them to get a raise due to the fact they haven't had a raise in five or six years.”

Gianni Jackson adds, "We're getting an extra college built on to NFCC, we're getting two housing projects, we're getting Wal-mart; they're going to make up for Smithfield."

Jackson says those projects will be more than enough to offset the council pay hikes.

Despite the opposition, council members voted three to two to keep the $2000 dollar raise, which will go into effect October 2nd.