Don't Get Duped! Scam Artists Are Targeting Locals

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Nigerian scams, or advanced fee scams, whatever you want to call it, people are still getting ripped off, and it's costing residents in Leon County hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Leon County sheriff's detectives say they're working a case where a woman recently lost $10,000 thinking she was in for the big bucks.

Detectives say the scam artists are sending their victims bogus checks and will then ask for part of it to be wired back as a fee. The problem is the victim never sees the cash, only losing more in the end.

DET Rob Waller said, "People are always going to want to make more money and as long as they see dollar signs rather than common sense, there's gonna be a chance they'll fall victim to something like this."

DETWaller says the scams artists are worldwide and possibly use some of that stolen money going to fund terrorism. Bottom line: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.