Passed Out Artist Arrested in Parking Lot

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A world renowned artist is facing drugs and weapons charges in Leon County. He's an artist known for questioning the value of money and art and best known for his one-sided drawings of money.

The man is James Boggs, or J.S.G. Boggs. Arrest papers show deputies found him passed out in a Leon County parking lot wearing women's clothing and make-up.

Deputies say he was confused and not sure of where he was. Boggs was asked to step out of the vehicle when deputies noticed a handled ax on one of the seats. It was during a search of the vehicle that deputies say they found methamphetamine and a handgun.

Boggs' artwork is currently on display at Tallahassee's Mary Brogan Museum. The exhibit is Currency: Money is Art, Art is Money.

Chucha Barber, Executive Director of the Mary Brogan Museum, said, "The Brogan Museum is very saddened that Mr. Boggs has encountered some challenges in his personal life and it's out most profound hope that he is able to correct his life and get it back on track."

He was one of six artists worldwide picked by the museum. Boggs is known for going to places like a restaurant and trying to give the waitress one of his twenty dollar drawings for lunch. If she takes it, it pays off. That drawing could be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Apparently, Boggs was arrested in the late 80's in England and Australia on counterfeiting charges, he was acquitted on both. The U.S. Secret Service has also apparently confiscated his work; however, he's never been convicted on counterfeiting charges.